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Meet Our Team

The Shenton Park Family Chiropractic team is here to support the health needs of all ages in our community. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding natural healthcare, and look forward to working with you!


Meghan Batty, Chiropractic Assistant

I have always been interested in the body and achieving overall wellness. In July 2016, I completed a diploma of Remedial Therapy and it is through my passion for the body that I found Chiropractic.

I have been a Chiropractic Assistant since Shenton Park Family Chiropractic opened in February 2017. I love the relationship that we build with our clients and the results I see every day in our practice.

I believe that Chiropractic is an excellent way of keeping the nervous system and body healthy, and I am very happy to be a part of a team who offer this care to our community.


Chantelle Shortall, Chiropractic Assistant

I am passionate about health! After studying natural medicine for 3 years at Paramount College, I have total belief in our body’s natural ability to heal itself and I take this approach with regards to mine and my family’s health. Born and bred in Perth, I am a busy mother of two children who loves to keep active, eat well and live life to the full.

What I love about chiropractic care is the philosophy that for people of all ages, chiropractic care provides a natural approach to improving the function of the spine and allowing the nervous system to function normally.

As part of the team at Shenton Park Family Chiropractic, I am 100% committed to the well being of patients and helping them reach their goals. It gives me great pleasure in seeing a patient’s health improving and therefore improving their quality of life!


Rebecca O’Connor, Chiropractic Assistant

I have been in the beauty/wellbeing industry for over 14 years as a student, employee, salon owner and teacher. Initially I worked in traditional areas of beauty therapy but over time I started to explore well-being and health.

Four years ago, I emigrated from the UK to Perth, as I enjoyed the Australian lifestyle. Since then I have married and now have two small children.

After having my two children I was keen to re-establish my working life by re-engaging in an environment that allows me to be closer to my natural interest in personal health and well-being. Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant has allowed me to do so and I am excited to explore my new path within the chiropractic industry, with already learning so much about the lifelong benefits.




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