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Dr Poppy Schofer, DC

A Passionate Advocate Of Living A Balanced Life

dr-poppy-schoferDr Poppy is thrilled to share with you all her excitement and passion for Chiropractic. As a passionate advocate of living an active balanced life, she has loved interests from cycling to weight lifting, from scuba diving to hot yoga and the art of meditation. She found herself within the walls of a Chiropractic clinic in her first position as a remedial massage therapist 11 years ago. This would change her life forever, meeting all the demands of her busy, active lifestyle.

She will always remember the impact of her first adjustment, and the importance it has placed on her health journey. She has been fortunate to always encourage herself, and patients, with an open mind toward attracting the right team to support her health.

I believe Chiropractic is so vital to engage a mindset change and to allow the opportunity for the body to heal. I’m really looking forward to meeting you to better understand how we can work toward your health goals through Chiropractic.
Dr Poppy Schofer

Our door is always open to you and your family. We would be more than happy to talk to you and help you express your full potential for life. Contact Shenton Park Family Chiropractic today to find out how we can help you!


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