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Meet Our Chiropractors

The Shenton Park Family Chiropractic team is here to support the health needs of all ages in our community. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding natural healthcare, and look forward to working with you!

Dr Ryan Kennedy, Chiropractor

My Chiropractic journey began as a child.

I saw how chiropractic care improved my sister’s quality of life. The chiropractor explained to me the importance of maintaining normal alignment and movement in both spinal joints and other joints in the body. I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor, and have now been living that dream for over ten years.

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Dr Ely Lazar, Chiropractor

I am thrilled to announce that after an absence of several years, I am returning to practice at my old home, Shenton Park Family Chiropractic.

I have great memories of the 18 years that I spent at 160 Onslow Road from the time that I established the practice in late 1993. I want to thank Malcolm and Ryan of Origin Health for inviting me to join them as part of their team. I look forward to providing high quality chiropractic care to the community.

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Dr Poppy Schofer, Chiropractor

I’m really looking forward to meeting you to better understand how we can work toward your health goals through Chiropractic.

Dr Poppy is thrilled to share with you all her excitement and passion for Chiropractic. As a passionate advocate of living an active balanced life, she has loved interests from cycling to weight lifting, from scuba diving to hot yoga and the art of meditation.

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If you’re ready to start feeling your best, schedule an appointment with us today! We accept insurance and offer Saturday and same-day appointments.


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